Nanotechnology: Next generation war against cancer

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Asad Riaz, Aqsa Tahir Sohail Ahmad Jan Nazir Ahmad Iqra Khalid, Farah Kanwal Azka Anwar Sabir Hussain Shah Ashtar Khan Rimsha Zainab Haris Khurshid


The applications of nanotechnology significantly benefit clinical practices in cancer diagnosis, management and treatment. This article reveals the application of nanotechnology in cancer treatment by using the different strategies for example use of nanoparticles like liposomes, dendrimers, nanoshells, carbon nanotubes, superpara-magnetic, silver/gold nanoparticles and nucleic acid based nanoparticles as well as the nanotechnology for a combination of therapeutic strategies. The advantages and challenges of these particles are also discussed. The use of different green synthesized based gold and silver nanoparticles are important for the apoptosis of different types of cancerous cells. Both size and shapes of these particles are important from the biological point of view and from the material characteristics. In present review we have also highlighted the role of some advanced nano-technologies and bio-therapeutics for diagnose and treatment of this lethal disease.

Keywords: Liposomes; Gold nanoparticles; Silver nanoparticles; Super paramagnetic; Anti-tumor; Bio-therapeutics

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