8. Study of physico-chemical composition of red delicious and amri apple varieties under fresh and stored conditio

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Zakia Bibi, Fazal Muhammad Bangulzai, Nazeer Ahmed, Abdul Raziq Syed Muhammad Ishaq, Shah Faisal Lal Bakhsh Abdul Qadir



A laboratory Experiment was carried out to determine the physic-chemical composition of Red Delicious and Amri apple varieties under fresh and stored condition, which were determined on October 30, November 30, and December 30. The physical and chemical characteristics determined were, fruit length and diameter, single fruit weight, juice percentage, total soluble solids (TSS), acidity percentage, ascorbic acid, reducing and non-reducing sugar percentage. It is obvious from the results that the varieties had significant differences for fruit length, fruit diameter and single fruit weight. Juice percentage remained unaffected due to varieties. Variety Red Delicious was considered to be better in physical properties when its comparison was made with variety Amri. Observation intervals had significant effect on fruit length and juice percentage, while fruit diameter and single fruit weight remained unaffected. The result mean interval of Red Delicious observations TSS % (14.29), Acidity % (0.42), Ascorbic acid (5.61), Reducing sugar % (7.08) and Non-reducing sugar % (2.54) was obtained as compare to variety Amri the result mean interval TSS % (14.21), Acidity % (0.36), Ascorbic acid (4.43Mg), Reducing sugar % (6.81) and Non-reducing sugar % (4.08) was obtained. The result illustrated that for chemical analysis varieties had significant effect on acidity percentage, ascorbic acid and non-reducing sugars, while T.S.S and reducing sugars remained unaffected due to different varieties. All the chemical properties i.e. T.S.S, acidity, ascorbic acid, reducing sugars and non-reducing sugars affected significantly by observation intervals.

Keywords: Apple varieties; Fresh Physico-chemical composition; Storedcondition


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