13. Genetic variability, heritability and genetic advancement in F3 population of wheat

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Anwar Shah, Jalal Amin Shamsher Ali Abdul Rab Sania Hayat Zarlish Wahab Farooq-i- Azam Muhammad Zakir Farman Ghani, Muhammad Riaz Khan, Ghul Hassan, Abid Ali



An experiment was conducted to study genetic variability, heritability and genetic advancement for twenty four (24) wheat genotypes including eight (08) parents and sixteen (16) F3 progenies. Study indicated existence of significant amount of genetic variability, heritability and advancement for all the traits used in experiment. Among parental genotypes NR-397 produced longer plants (109.0 cm), Lalma, NR-397 and RIL-0815 gave more fertile tillers plant-1 (FTP-1) (10), Lalma produced lengthy spikes (13.3 cm), more grains spike-1 (GS-1) (74) and higher grain yield plant-1 (GYP-1) (27.2 g), Barsat gave more spikelets spike-1 (SS-1) (22.0) and higher biological yield plant-1 (BYP-1) (59 g). Similarly, among F3 populations Marvi x NIFA-Insaf produced longer plants (107.4 cm), NIFA-Insaf x NR-397, Marvi x NR-1107, Marvi x Barsat and NIFA-Insaf x Lalma gave more FTP-1 (10), Marvi x NRL-1107 produced lengthy spikes (13.5 cm), higher BYP-1 (60.9 g), and more GYP-1 (27.9 g), Lalma x NR-397 gave more SS-1 (22.5) and Barsat x NR-397 gave more GS-1 (79). Higher heritability accompanied higher genetic advancement for plant height (0.87, 15.59), FTP-1 (0.84, 4.22), spike length (0.61, 1.04), SS-1 (0.79, 18.22), GS-1 (0.93, 18.22), BYP-1 (0.95, 28.64) and GYP-1 (0.92, 13.48) respectively. It is concluded that F3 population Marvi x NRL-1107, Lalma x NR-397, Barsat x NR-397 and Marvi x NIFA-Insaf performed better and surpassed their parents all the studied traits. Moreover, NIFA-Insaf x Lalma, Marvi x NIFA-Insaf and Lalma x NR-397 and Marvi x NIFA-Insaf showed higher heritability and more genetic advancement.

Keywords: Bread wheat; Heritability; Plant breeding; Variability; Wheat


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