16. Effect of potassium and sulfur on grain yield, oil concentration and fatty acid profile of sunflower

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Saif Ullah, Shazma Anwar, Gul Roz Khan, Muhammad Mehran Anjum Nawab Ali, Abdul Jalal, Kamran Ali, Khaliq Uz Zaman Muhammad Miraj Amir Sohail



Sunflower is an important edible oil seed crop. Adequate amount of nutrients are required for sunflower to get maximum yield. A field trial was conducted at Agronomy Research Farm, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar during Summer 2016 with the objective to investigate the effect of potassium levels (30, 60, 90 and 120 kg ha-1) and sulfur levels (15, 30, 45 and 60 kg ha-1) on oil and grain yield of sunflower. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block (RCB) design with three replications. One control plot with no potassium and sulfur was maintained in each replication. Ammonium sulfate and Potassium chloride were applied as a source for sulfur and potassium, respectively. The results showed that palmitic acid concentration and stearic acid concentration were not affected by potassium and sulfur application. Potassium applied at the rate of 90 kg ha-1 produced maximum biological yield (7178 kgha-1), grain yield (2074 kg ha-1), oil yield (775 kg ha-1), harvest index (28.87 %) and oil percentage (37.32 %). Sulfur applied at the rate of 60 kg ha-1 produced maximum grains capitulum-1 (873), thousand grain weight (46.63 g), grain yield (2037 kg ha-1), oil yield (771 kg ha-1), harvest index (29.54 %), oil percentage (37.81 %) and linoleic acid concentration (78.80 %). Non-significant effect of sulfur was observed on biological yield of sunflower. Application of potassium at the rate of 90 kg ha-1 and sulfur at the rate of 60 kg ha-1 could be recommended for higher oil and grain yield of sunflower.

Keywords: Capitulum; Linoleic acid; Oleic acid; Palmitic acid; Stearic acid


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