19. Effect of water quality on algal diversity in various sites of district Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)-Pakistan

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Zahir Shah, Syed Zahir Shah Muhammad Shuaib Khan Niaz Khan Tahir Khan Fida Hussain



Seasonal distribution of algae determined in three research sites of river Jindi, Pakistan. Samples of 5 classes having 46 families, 54 genera, 107 spp., out of 107 spp. 46.72% collected in winter, 53.27% in summer seasons. The most abundant class Bacillariophyta with 24 genera, 46 spp. (46.9%), followed by Chlorophyceae with 18genera, 33 spp. (30.8%), Cyanophyceae with 8 genera, 20 spp. (18.69%), Euglenophyceae with 3 genera, 6 spp. (5.60%), Charophyceae with 1genus, 1 spp. (0.93%) in both seasons. In winter season, abundant class Bacillariophyceae with 14 genera, 24 spp. (48.97%), followed by Chlorophyceae with 11genera, 22 spp. (44.89%), Euglenophyceae 2 genera, 1 spp. Charophyceae with 1 genus, 1 spp. (2.04%). In summer season, abundant class Bacillariophyceae with 10 genera, 22 spp. (38.59%), followed by Cyanophceae 7 genera, 19 spp. (33.33%), Chlorophyceae 7 genera, 11 spp. (19.29%), Euglenophyceae 2 genera, 5 spp. (8.77%). The genus spirogyra is abundant among all sites, shows wide range ecological amplitude, thus found in different habitats. The diatom, bluegreen algae dominated, summer season (38.59%), and (33.33%) respectively, followed by green algae 19.29%). The diatoms registered high numbers in summer (48.97%), winter (38.59%) respectively. The pH of water samples varied 7.35-8.89, more or less alkaline in nature. High pH is positively correlated with algal growth. Turbidity ranged from 5-18 NTU. High turbidity decreases oxygenation, high penetration. TDS, TSS were positively correlated with number of species. TDS were 212.9-297.9 mg/L. The amount of TSS varied from 17-37 mg/L, EC value 365-812 µS/cm. The optimum amount of EC favours growth, distribution of algae. Salinity value 0.5-2.1 mg/L suitable for the growth, distribution of algae. The total CO2 in water was 7.04-54.08 shows more respiration, results algal growth. The amount of DO varied from 2.5-3.8 mg/L. Nitrate as N2 content 0.05-1.8 mg/L, Phosphate as TP range from 0.5-1.4 mg/L and Ca Hardness as CaCO3 227-440 mg/L.

Keywords: Algae; Dissolved CO2; DO; EC; TSS; TDS


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