27. Effect of potassium (K+) on growth, yield components and macronutrient accumulation in Wheat crop

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Ghulam Mustafa Kubar, Khalid Hussain Talpur, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro Shahneela Khashkhali, Mir Muhammad Nizamani Muhammad Saleem Kubar Kashif Ali Kubar Aftab Ali Kubar



Plant growth, nutrient uptake and yield can be sustained by the application of potassium fertilization. A pot experiment was conducted to study the effect of macronutrients accumulation of wheat about different potassium rates.The results revealed that the effect of different potassium levels on the growth and grain yield of wheat was significant. The application of potassium at 100% increased the most of the growth, yield components and accumulation of nutrients in wheat crop from 20−50% as compared to (control) the plots receiving no potassium application. In comparison to control, potassium application at 75% also significantly increased growth and yield components from 8−40%, however, potassium application of 50 and 25% increased the growth and yield components by 4−20%. As compared to plots receiving no potassium, application of potassium resulted 3−6% higher nitrogen content in grain and 2−11% higher nitrogen content in straw. While, potassium application increased the potassium contents by 50−154% in grain and 70-140% contents of potassium in straw as compared to control plots. However, in comparison to plots without potassium nutrition, application of potassium fertilization improved phosphorus contents by 2−10% in grain and 3-50% in straw of wheat crop. Among potassium levels of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% were significant indicating that potassium at the rate of 100% was an optimum level for obtaining maximum grain yields in wheat crop. This study concluded that application of potassium nutrition increased the all growth, yield comonents and accumumation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents in grain and straw of wheat crop.

Keywords: Macronutrients; Potassium; Wheat


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