32. Assessment of different tomato genotypes for yield and morphological attributes

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Muhammad Ismaeel Muhammad Saleem Khan, Syed Salim Shah Zafar Ali, Amjad Ali, Saleha Tawab Muhammad Naeem



This experiment was carried out to assess different tomato genotypes for yield and morphological attributes at Agricultural Research Station (ARS) Swabi during 2018. Experiment was laid out in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with three replications. Results of the experiment showed significant differences among the tomato genotypes for all parameters except days to first flower initiation. Maximum number of flowers cluster-1 (20.0 flowers) were observed for tomato genotype 006231 and maximum number of fruits inflorescence-1 (15.0) were recorded for genotypes 006231 and 00289, respectively. Maximum number of primary branches plant-1 (10.0 branches) and secondary branches plant-1 (24.0 branches) were developed by tomato genotype 017875. Bombino produced maximum fruit length (5.84 cm) and fruit diameter (4.99 cm), respectively. Highest plant height was attained by genotype 017875 (102.5 cm) while Roma produced smaller plants (49.9 cm). Maximum numbers of fruit clusters plant-1 (28.0 clusters) were produced by genotype 00289 whereas Red Wonder showed maximum fruit yield plot-1 (3.74 kg). Higher values of phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) and genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) were observed for number of secondary branches plant-1 (32.49% and 31.69%), number of fruit clusters plant-1 (29.03% and 25.94%), plant height (22.93% and 21.72%) and fruit yield plot-1 (42.92% and 39.63%). High broad sense heritability values were obtained for number of secondary branches plant-1 (95.1%), fruit diameter (66.8%), number of fruit clusters plant-1 (92.1%), plant height (89.7%) and fruit yield plot-1 (85.2%). On the basis of excellent performance for most of the yield and yield related parameters, the tomato genotypes Red Wonder, Bombino, 006231, 00289 and 017875 are recommended for onward use in tomato breeding programs for the development of commercial tomato varieties/hybrids.

Keywords: Genetic variability; GCV; Heritability; PCV and Yield


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