33. Varietal susceptibility on maize varieties against flour beetles (Tribolium casteneum and Tribolium confusum)

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Sabeeta Kumari, Nasreen Memon, Attaulla Ansari and Bhojoo Mal



Maize is commonly known as “C4”and photosynthetic plant. The maize is rich in nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats etc. During research study, it was found that flour beetles including (Tribolium casteneum and Tribolium confusum); both species were causing economic losses on quality and quantity of maize varieties in many areas of Hyderabad, Sindh (Pakistan). Therefore, the experimental study was carried out on susceptibility of maize varieties. Experiments were conducted during the months of Sep 2015 to Aug 2016. During laboratory experiments, the 100g of each variety were put in four jars of 150g capacity then ten pairs of both flour beetles introduced in each jar. The culture of both flour beetles was maintained under ambient conditions, 31±2°C, 27±5°C, 65±5; 78±3% relative humidity and photoperiod with 10 hour light and dark cycle. The percentage of weight loss was taken as criteria for observation of susceptibility on maize varieties against the flour beetles. During this observation; it was found that maximum weight loss occurred on Neelum while minimum on Popcorn variety, 64.87g and 5.12g respectively. The more susceptibility of Neelum variety was due to softness, seed thickness, seed size and coloration. Statistically, it was proved that consumption on Neelum variety due to both flour beetles have strong positive Pearson correlation with survival of flour beetles under ambient conditions whereas on Popcorn variety consumption had no Pearson correlation with survival of flour beetles. The values are being r= .834(**) and (a) respectively.

Keywords:  Flour beetles; Maize varieties; Susceptible variety; Weight loss


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