34. Breeding performance and disease profile of six peafowl species in captivity at Jallo breeding center, Lahore

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Muhammad Tariq, Nayab Saleem Butt, Muhammad Mansha Munir Ahmad Bhinder



Captive breeding is a process of raring the endangered species in man controlled environment like wild life parks, breeding centers and zoos. The present study was carried out to determine the reproductive and breeding performance of peafowls in captivity at Jallo Breeding Center, Lahore. Moreover, the study will also include the mortality causes of these birds. The data was collected from record registers and staff of captive breeding center of Jallo Park Lahore from (2009-2012) of 6 species of peafowls. Our findings revealed that average hatchability in six species was 33.5% in 2009, 61.5% in 2010, 54%in 2011 and 47.8% in 2012. The survival percentage in peafowls was 37.1% in 2009, 94.3% in 2010, 89.1% in 2011 and 81.6% in 2012. Our findings indicated that most of the deaths in Peafowls were not investigated either due to putrefied bodies or missing reports (In Pavo cristatus 47%, in Pavo cristatus mut.nigripennis 75%, in Pavo cristus mut.alba 74%, in Pavo muticus muticus 48% , in Pavo muticus 63% and in Pavo cristatus mut.pied, 79% deaths were not documented). The average deaths recorded by the breeding center (32.67%) were mainly caused by new castle disease virus (NDV), Enteritis, Hemorrhagic Enteritis, Hepatitis + NDV, Traumatic Gizzard, respiratory and heart failure.   Taken together, the unhatchability of peafowl eggs and survival of chicks were quite low in captivity. Most of the deaths were not reported either due to putrefied bodies or missing reports.

Keywords: Captive breeding; Jallo breeding center; Peafowls; Reproductive performance; Mortality


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