40. Incidence of ectoparasite in chiltan wild goat (Artiodactyla: Caprinae) native of Hazarganji chiltan national park (HCNP), Balochistan, Pakistan

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Maryam Haneef Asmatullah Kakar, Mahrukh Naseem Ahmad Kurd Nosheen Rafiq Basra Kakar Sharif Uddin



The ectoparasite study is of great value to monitor its effect on the health and care of wild goat population. A study was conducted to determine the ectoparasites of chiltan wild goat (Capra aegagrus chialtanensis Lydekker, 1913) in Hazarganji chiltan national park (HCNP) between the months of May to October, 2016. Hard ticks (Ixodidae) species were found in HCNP ground area where high mobility of chiltan goats were observed. It can be pretended in the light of literature that fully or partly fed ticks might cast off from chiltan wild goats. The prevalent ectoparasites in this study were from the two genera of tick viz Hyalomma, and Rhipicepalus (Boophalus). Result showed high prevalence (57.14%), (54.16%) for the male Hyalomma excavatum and H. anatolicum viz 46%, 43% for the two female species respectively. While 100 percent prevalence were observed for male Rhipicepalus (Boophalus) microplus and R. (B.) appendiculatus respectively. Females of the two ticks species were not found in the present study. Moreover, total percent sex-wise count of ticks indicated 78.0% for male ticks compare to females (45.0%). It was concluded that population of tick parasites was high noted in the present study, and this could affect the prosperity and fecundity of chiltan wild goats. Therefore, to reduce ectoparasites burden and its impact on the fertility and health status, planning of strong policy aiming at creating awareness about the value of wildlife and control of ectoparasites with sustainable veterinary services is required.

Keywords: Balochistan; Chiltan wild goat; Hard ticks; Hilly-region; Incidence


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