46. Chemotaxis of fruit fly species against Methyl eugenol in the presence of different food flavours in a guava orchard

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Mansoor Ahmed Chajro, Fahad Nazir Khoso, Imran Khatri Jamal u Din Hajano Abdul Mubeen Lodhi Sohail Otho Imtiaz Ahmed Nizamani, Munir Ahmed, Anser Ali



Male annihilation technique has been successfully used against fruit flies. Number of experiments has been performed to improve this technique for more effective results. Similarly, in this study, different food additives were used in methyl eugenol traps to improve the attraction of the lure.  A Randomized Complete Block Design experiment was designed and conducted at guava orchard in Agriculture Research Institute Tando Jam during the 2017 season. In each treatment, two wicks were used simultaneously, whereby one wick of methyl eugenol (ME 4ml/wick) contained 85% methyl eugenol, 10% sugar and 5% insecticide and the other 4ml/wick contained different food essences. The treatment were; T1 (ME+ lemon essence), T2 (ME + Mango essence), T3 (ME + Vanilla), T4 (ME + Orange essences) and T5 was used as control with only ME solution. Each treatment had four replications. Two Tephritid species; Bactrocera zonata and B. dorsalis were captured. The maximum mean number of B. zonata recorded was for T1 (312.72±4.39), while the minimum number of flies was captured in T5 (225.39±4.47). The results revealed that, the highest mean numbers of B. zonata (238.81±11.39) was in April while the minimum population was obtained in January (3.23±0.41).  High significant difference (p<0.001) was recorded between treatments. Maximum number of B. dorsalis was collected in T1 (30.98±1.94), whereas; minimum number of flies was captured in T4 (17.62±1.64) and it reached its highest number in April (15.1±0.10). Positive correlation was reported between all treatments and temperature while it was negative with relative humidity.

Keywords: Bactrocera dorsalis; Bactrocera zonata; Food essences; Guava; MAT


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