51. Effect of FYM and NPK on growth, yield and oil production of mustard under the agro-climatic condition of Tandojam-Pakistan

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Javed Ahmed Abro, Maliha Habib, Muhammad Iqbal Jakhro, Fariha Maham Sher Amed, Abdul Latif, Abdul Qadir Gola Amanullah Abro, Gaji Bux Bugti Usama Nawaz, Muhammad Anwar, Shahzad Ahmed Shahwani



In order to study the effect of FYM and NPK on growth, yield and oil production of mustard, Five treatments were formed including control T1= Natural (Farmer practice), T2= Recommended NPK 120-80-40 kg ha-1, T3= FYM 1 t ha-1 + NPK  120-80-40 kg ha-1  , T4= FYM  3 t ha-1 + NPK  120-80-40 kg ha-1, T5= FYM  5 t ha-1 + NPK  120-80-40 kg ha-1  and T6= FYM  7 t ha-1 + NPK  120-80-40 kg ha-1 results showed that significantly (P<0.05) of seed yield and mustard of oil content influenced through the FYM & NPK levels. Results further showed that the mustard crop given recommended NPK 120-80-40 kg ha-1 in crop performance with 134.33 cm plant height, 188.37 no of pods plant-1, 11.31 no of seeds pod-1, 3.42g in seed index, 1510.21 kg seed production ha-1 and 31.10% oil content. However the minimum lowest crop performance was observed in control, where no fertilizer ware applied, having 128.33 cm plant height, 145.41 number of pods plant-1, 8.12 number of seeds pods-1, 3.00g seed index, 1325.14kg seed yield production ha-1 and 26.35% content oil. It is concluded that mustard yield increase with NPK combined with FYM 120-80-40 + 7 ton FYM   but 5 ton FYM combined with NPK120-80-40 was economic dose for mustard production. The oil production also increase at combined application of FYM and NPK fertilizers.

Keywords: FYM; Growth and yield; Mustard; NPK; Oil production


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