52. Performance of different upland cotton varieties under the climatic condition of Lasbella Uthal Balochistan

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Sultan Ahmed, Shahab-u-din, Tassawar Hussain Malik, Muhammad Rashid Nazeer Ahmed, Shafique Ahmed, Abdul Qadir



A trial was conducted at Cotton Research Station Lasbela for testing and evaluating the yield and fiber performance of different commercial cotton varieties so that on the basis of the results best varieties can be recommended for general cultivation in the area. Eight best Bt and non-Bt cotton varieties of different organizations were sown under the climatic condition of Lasbela. It was concluded that CRIS-129 obtained maximum seed cotton yield (3850 kg ha-1) followed by CRIS-342 (3592 kg ha-1) and Sindh-1 (3518 kg ha-1). For bolls per plant CRIS-129 formed maximum number of bolls (43.0) per plant fallowed by CRIS-342 (40.2) and Sindh-1 (39.0). Maximum boll weight (3.7g) was weighted in variety MNH-886. Whereas, CRIS-342 and BH-178 and CEMB-33 were the second which gave (3.5 g) boll weight. CEMB-33 ginned highest lint percentage (41.5) followed by MNH-886 (40.0) and Sadori (38.6). CRIS-342 produced longer staple length (29.0 mm) followed by BH-178 (28.3 mm) and Sadori (28.2 mm). Regarding mike value CRIS-129 and Sadori produced better mike value (4.4 µ inch-1) as compared to other varieties. Among all the varieties CRIS-129 showed maximum fiber strength (35.0 g/tex-1) followed by CRIS-134 (34.2 g/tex-1) and CRIS-342 (32.5 g/tex-1). On the basis of present findings, it was concluded that upland cotton cultivar ‘CRIS-129’ showed promising results for getting higher seed cotton yield followed by CRIS-342 and Sindh-1. The cotton cultivar ‘CRIS-129’ is recommended to cotton growers for cultivation under climatic condition of Lasbella, Uthal Balochistan.

Keywords: Fiber strength; Lint (%); Seed cotton yield


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