57. Homology modeling, structure and active site prediction of stem rust resistant gene Sr22 in wheat cultivars

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Shahzad Bashir, Shazia Anwer Bukhari, Mahmood-ur-Rahman, Muhammad Ali



Protein structure and function is very important to study before gene transformation. Protein homology modeling is very important tool used to predict the structure of the protein. Sr22 gene codes for a Sr22 protein which confers resistance against Puccinia graminis. The homology modeling of Sr22 protein was obtained by using SWISS-MODEL web tool. Then the predicted model of Sr22 protein was superimposed to check the validation through errat. Errat score for this model was 77% which was further improved up to 80% by doing loop optimization of Sr22 using similar tool. 3D model of stem rust resistant protein was further used to analyze the activity of the protein. Active sites of Sr22 protein were detected by using ADDS (Automated active sites detection, docking and scoring) software. Total of 17 active sites were identified and active sites with the highest score were used in further studies. The information achieved may be useful to understand the mechanism resistance to stem rust disease in wheat which may further help to manipulate for sustainable resistance.

Keywords: Active site prediction; Homology Modeling; Puccinia graminis; Sr22 protein; Stem Rust


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