4. Emergence of in-silico biology in desperate spheres of life sciences in Pakistan

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Muhammad Naveed Mariyam Amin, Shahneela Asif, Ayesha Javed Iqbal, Fazeeha Amjad Haleema Sadia Mushtaq Ahmed Saleem



Bioinformatics, a multidisciplinary field works in collaboration with biological sciences for analysis, prediction and storage of biological data in form of databases. In innovative world of scientific technology, Pakistan is playing its crucial role in development of new era of e-science. Main objective of this review is to highlight bioinformatics applications and its significant role in progress of e-science in Pakistan. In Pakistan, numerous applications such as gene target approaches in agriculture, food industries and 3-dimensional structure analysis of protein have been revealed, where every aspect of nucleic acids processing can be observed. With these advancements, disease diagnosis has now become easy, providing a platform for drug development and enormous jobs for talented ones to make a history in bioinformatics. Similarly, numerous organizations are also taking part in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology and different nationwide companies. However, bioinformatics also faces challenges in data collection and web designing. But introduction of innovative researches has led to formation of highly applicable e-technology of recent era. Hence, this approach has taken primacy to diagnose diseases as cancer. It makes a tremendous distinction in e-science where computer-aided drug design (CADD) gives a ray of hope for many diseased people. Moreover, comprehensive study of human genetics also reveals invention of specified drugs and various biomarkers to discriminate among every single genetic disease. Regardless of various hurdles, scientific transformations in very field related to bioinformatics will help us to take Pakistan beyond skylines and to stand with high tech world association.

Keywords: Computational tools; Disease management; E-science in Pakistan; In-Silico approaches; Life sciences; NGS technology


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