73. Insecticidal efficiency of native plant extracts against whitefly (Bemasia tabaci) on cotton crop

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Narjis Ashfaq Muhammad Amjad Bashir Mamoona Noreen Naveed Jameel Azra Ayoub Abdul Latif



Cotton is one of the major cash crops of Pakistan. A collaborative study was conducted by  Sangtani Women Development Organization, Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan and Women University Multan under Better Cotton Initiative project to provide an eco-friendly and economical control of white fly, aphid, jassid and thrips. For this purpose, ten locally available leaves of the plant trees were selected and their extracts were made with the help of methanol. White fly population is studied and when it’s reached at Economic Threshold Level, the extract of plant leaves were sprayed at 2%, 4% and 6% concentration. The data was taken after 24, 48 and 72 hours of spray to check the efficiency of different plant extracts at different concentration. After data analysis result were incorporated and our results shows that  And when the data of these tested plants were analysis, it is clear from our data that at 2% concentration all tested plants extract showed good potential as an insecticide against Bemasia tabaci but among these Delbergia sissoo showed excellent mortality rate of B. tabaci When these plants were tested at 4% concentration then our results reflect that Melia azedarach and Eculypatus camaldulensis are most effective against B. tabaci and at 6% concentration Calotropis gigantean, Melia azedarach and E. camaldulensis have the most effective insecticidal effect against adult population of the white fly of cotton crop followed by Accaia nilotica and Black serruss. Plant extract have the potential to become an integral part of Integrated Pest management (IPM) as a repellent and as well as an insecticide.

Keyword: Eco-friendly control; Insecticides; IPM; Plant extracts; White fly


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