74. Qualitative and quantitative determination of phytochemicals in Convolvulus leiocalycinus and Haloxylon griffithii

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Munir Ahmad, Attiq-ur-Rehman, Samiullah, Rasool Bakhsh Tareen Naqeebullah Khan Abdul Baqi Abdul Manan



The purpose of the present assessment was to evaluate the phytochemicals in the indigenous plants Convolvulus leiocalycinus of Convolvulaceae family and Haloxylon griffithii of Chenopodiaceae family found in the northern regions of Balochistan. For the analysis of phytochemicals, both plants showed the presence of alkaloids, flavonoids, terpenoids, tannins, saponins, carbohydrates, cardiac glycosides, reducing sugars, quinones and carboxylic acids. Whereas, both plants exhibited negative tests for terpenoids, anthraquinones, phlobatannins, fats, xanthoprotien, resins, anthocyanins, emodins and volatile oil. Furthermore, with the help of standard chemical tests and techniques, the quantitative analysis of C. leiocalycinus and H. griffithii showed different amounts and percentages of total alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins and phenolics. The total alkaloid contents determined were 0.196(W/w) with percentage yield 3.92% and 0.224(W/w) with percentage yield 4.48% in 5gm of each sample of C. leiocalycinus and H. griffithii respectively. The total flavonoid contents determined were 0.28(W/w) with 2.8% and 0.445(W/w) with 4.45% in 10gm of each sample of both the plants. The total saponin contents determined were 0.72(W/w) with 3.6% and 0.53(W/w) with 2.65% in 20gm of each sample of both the plants. The total phenolic contents determined were 0.808(W/w) with 16.16% and 0.268(W/w) with 5.36% in 5gm of each sample of both the plants. The presence of high amount of phytochemical compounds suggest that both plants i.e., C. leiocalycinus and H. griffithii are not only useful to human beings but can also be commercialized for higher production of natural drugs rather than using synthetic drugs with side effects.

Keywords: Convolvulus leiocalycinus; Extraction; Haloxylon griffithii; Phytochemicals; Phytochemical screening


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