78. Estimation of genetic variability among different soybean genotypes for yield and quality traits under the agro-climatic condition of Rawalpindi –Pakistan

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Qadeer Ahmad, Zahid Akram, Ghulam Shabbir Shahzada Sohail Ijaz Atta Ullah, Ghulam Rasool Muhammad Naeem Muhammad Ilyas



Soybean is one of the most valuable oil seed crop which is good source of protein and edible oil. Pakistan is facing acute shortage of edible oil and depends on import to satiate the requirement of country every year. Therefore present study was planned to identify promising soybean genotypes for yield and quality traits. The research was conducted in the department of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University Research Farm Chakwal Road, during Kharif season 2016. Ten exotic and one local soybean genotypes were evaluated in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). Observations were recorded on the basis of morphological and biochemical characters. The collected data were subjected to statistical analysis for ascertaining the significance of traits. The results showed that an exotic genotype (19-2) performed best regarding yield per unit area (182.19 g/m2), followed by genotype KD. For quality character, genotypeB-1(36.11%) performed best for higher protein content and also for oil contents (20.55 %) as compared to local check and other competitive exotic genotypes. Yield per unit area was showed significantly positive correlation with number of secondary branches, biomass yield per unit area, hundred grain weight, protein content, oil content and harvest index while it showed negative correlation with days to flower completion. This study is helpful in generating detailed information on yield and quality traits of soybean that can be used in future soybean breeding programs for the development of high yielding and better quality varieties.

Keywords: Correlation; Quality traits; Soybean; Yield


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