92. Floral buds retention affects the seed production and quality of okra varieties under agro-climatic conditions of Peshawar-Pakistan

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Muhammad Affan Khan, Abdur Rab



The influence of floral buds on growth, seed yield and quality of okra were studied at the Agricultural University; Peshawar during spring seasons (2012-13) using Randomized Complete Block Design with 3 replications. Five okra varieties viz. Sabz Pari, Arka Anamika, Pusa Sawani, Punjab Selection and Green Star were evaluated by retaining 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20 floral buds for seed production. Maximum plant height (131.65 cm), number of branches plant per plant (2.04), seeds per pod (65.30), seed weight per pod (4.29 g) and seed yield (2.37 t ha-1) were recorded in variety Arka Anamika. However, the maximum leaves per plant (39.88) and 100 seed weight (7.55 g) were recorded in Sabz Pari and Pusa Sawani respectively. Retention of 8 floral buds resulted in the maximum plant height (128 cm), number of branches per plant (2.16), seeds per pod (69.72), seed weight per pod (4.29 g), but the minimum seed yield (1.51 t ha-1). Highest seed yield (2.77 t ha-1) as well hard seed (26.77%) were recorded with 20 floral buds retention. The varieties and floral buds interaction revealed significantly higher plant height (134.47 cm) and seed yield (3.69 t ha-1) in variety Arka Anamika with retaining 8 and 20 floral buds respectively. By contrast, the minimum plant height (123.67 cm) in Sabz Pari and seed yield (1.39 t ha-1) in Punjab Selection were recorded with 20 and 8 floral buds respectively. Retaining 14 to 17 floral buds may contribute to the reasonable economic okra seed yield.

Keywords: Floral buds; Okra varieties; Seed production; Seed quality


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