3. Study on the prevalence of anaplasmosis and efficacy of different antiprotozoal drugs in goats at district Mirpurkhas, Sindh–Pakistan

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Muhammad Ismail Memon, Riaz Ahmed Leghari, Hamzo Khan Kumbhar Nazar Ali Korejo, Mujeeb u Rehman Memon, Saeed Ahmed Soomro, Jameela Soomro Saajida Parveen Shiva Ram


This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of Anaplasmosis and efficacy of different antiprotozoal drugs in goats around the Mirpurkhas. A total of 300 goats were examined for the occurrence of Anaplasmosis. Anaplasma marginale was the only species identified from all positive goats and the highest prevalence of Anaplasmosis was recorded in Samaro (30%) and the lowest (8%) in Sindhri, district Mirpurkhas. The overall prevalence of anaplasmosis was recorded at 13.33%. The rate of infection was higher in females (17%) compared to males (9%). The age wise prevalence was recorded 14% in two years of age and 12% in 2 years and above of age. The most prominent clinical features in positive cases of anaplasmosis were recorded increased body temperature, respiration and pulse rate, with loss of condition and icterus. The disease positive animals were divided into four groups; A, B, C and D in order to determine the efficacy of different antiprotozoal drugs. The Imidocarb, Diminazine and Oxytetracycline drugs were administered to A, B and C groups respectively, on the standard dose by the recommendations of manufacturers. While the D group was kept as an untreated positive control. It was observed that maximum efficacy against Anaplasma marginale was achieved by the administration of Imidocarb (80%), followed by Diminazine (60%) and Oxytetracycline (30%). All animals of the infected control group (D) were remained positive and shown the increasing intensity of the infection and one goat was died in control group D due to the severity of the infection.

Keywords: Anaplasmosis; Antiprotozoal drug’s efficacy; Goats; Prevalence


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