4. Physicochemical evaluation of field pea (Pisum sativum L.) landraces under rainfed conditions of AJ&K-Pakistan

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Saba Bashir, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Raja Mohib Muazzam Naz Abdul Hamid, Salma Anjum, Noosheen Zahid, Mehdi Maqbool Muhammad Ilyas Khan Abid Yaqoob, Zahid Hussain Khan Aneela Afzal


We investigated the physicochemical attributes of nine pea landraces collected from mountainous areas of Azad Jammu and Kashmir-Pakistan using one cultivar (Meteor) as control. Landraces were grown under the same agro-climatic conditions to remove variance caused by environment × genotype association. There was high physicochemical diversity among the landraces in the content of plant height (23.4-44.7cm), branches per plant(7.55-9.05), flowers/ plant(2-5.32), leaves per plant (31.53-32.80), seeds per pod (3.13-6.83), pods per plant (10.2-6.67), seed weight (g/100 seed) ( 22.80-23.93), pod length (4.50-8.16cm), total seed yield (10.30-9.99 kg/ha), pH (5.0-7.8), total protein content (10.76-20.23%), fiber content (0.76-7.20%), fat content(1.12-2.86%), carbohydrates (79.1-94.38 mg/g) and antioxidant activity (3.83-4.63%).Together, our results regarding the morphological and nutritional status of existing pea landraces will contribute and increase our knowledge about the field pea and broaden the gene pool available for future plant breeding programs.

Keywords: Field pea; Landraces; Physicochemical traits; Pisum sativum; Rainfed


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