7. Evaluation of nickel phytoremediation potential of Rumex dentatus: a greenhouse experiment

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Muhammad Anwar Sajad, Muhammad Saleem Khan Zaib-Un- Nisa Muhammad Anwar Saleem Khan


Nickel is used in the production of many modern technologies, including stainless steel, electroplating and batteries. With the rapid development of these industries, Ni pollution is becoming an increasing problem. Nickel metal is carcinogenic, mutagenic and neurotoxic.  The current study was planned to evaluate the nickel phytoremediation potential of Rumex dentatus grown in Ni contaminated soil. The plant Rumex dentatus was grown in control and Ni contaminated soil. Nickel metal was analyzed in the soil and plant parts (Root and Shoot). The highest concentration of Ni was found in the roots of the plants grown in Ni contaminated soil (108.01 mg/kg) while its highest concentration was found in the shoots of the plants grown in control soil. Bioconcentration factor (BCF), translocation factor (TF) and bioaccumulation factor (BAC) of the plants grown in control and metal contaminated soil was calculated for Ni metal. The highest BCF value was found in the plant grown in control soil and high TF was found in the plants grown in 258.01 mg/kg Ni contaminated soil. High BAC was found in the plants grown in control soil. Overall the plant was not found hyperaccumulator for Ni metal but based on BCF Rumex dentatus was found best for the phytostabilization of Ni contaminated soil up to the concentration of 8.02 mg/kg Ni while the same plant was found feasible for the phytoextraction of Ni from Ni contaminated soil having up to 108.01 mg/kg Ni.

Keywords: Phytoremediation; Phytostabilization; Phytoextraction; Nickel contaminated Soil


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