20. Development and quality evaluation of mango and guava blended squash during storage

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Muhammad Noor uddin, Said Wahab, Ali Muhammad, Haris Bilal Mukhtar Ud Din Haq Nawaz Shahid Ali Khan, Qaiser Ali Sultan


The study was taken out on the diverse ratio and storage period to evaluate the superiority of mango and guava blended squash. The future perspective of this study was to prepare a new product with good storage time and keeping quality with good colour and flavor. Squash was prepared from two diverse fruits by integration pulp, sugar and water in the ratio of 1:4:1 respectively. Potassium meta-bisulphite was added at 0.01% to all formulation. Every one sample were filled in two hundred and fifty ml plastic bottles and kept at room temperature for ninety days. The samples were evaluated for pH, total soluble solids, percent acidity, vitamin C, reducing and non-reducing sugars and sensory analysis for color, flavor and overall acceptability for three months in total with an interval of fifteen days for each reading. During storage, pH increased from 2.75 to 3.1, percent acidity increased from 1.45 to 1.27, total soluble solids increased from 46.67 to 48.30, ascorbic acid decreased from 36.30 to 34.34, reducing sugar increased from 14.17 to 15.73, non-reducing sugar dwindled from 28.30 to 26.67, color declined from 8.20 to 6.00, flavor value reduced from 8.50 to 6.10 and overall acceptability dwindled 8.00 to 6.10 throughout time of storage. The results displays that storage time and treatments had considerable influence (p<0.05) on physic-chemical and sensory assessment of Mango and guava blended squash. The squash sample M3 was found excellent followed by M7, while M1 display bad results.

Keywords: Mango Guava blended squash; Potassium Meta-bisulphite; Sensory evaluation; Storage


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