28. First record and description of two species of genus Scaeva Fabricius (Diptera: Syrphidae) from Balochistan, Pakistan

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Juma Khan Turk, Nasreen Memon Muhammad Ismail Memon


The current study was continued from March 2016 to April 2017. The specimens of the genus Scaeva Fabricius were collected from different localities of Balochistan. Two species Scaeva albomaculata Macquart and Scaeva selenitica Meigen were identified and described. Saeva albomaculata Macquart is first time recorded from Balochistan province of Pakistan and Scaeva selenitica Meigen is new country record. These species were identified on the bases of morphological characteristics, body coloration, male and female genitalia. The identification and description of these new records will serve as an important contribution in the insect fauna of Balochistan and Pakistan. Furthermore both the identified species are aphidophagous on serious pests of various crops so these can be used for the biological control of various pests.

Keywords: Balochistan; Hoverfly; Scaeva Fabricius; Syrphidae


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