29. Puberty associated micro anatomical modification in testes and epididymis of Teddy goat (Capra hircus)

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Shujat Ali Khan, Illahi Bux Kalhoro, Jameel Ahmed Gandahi, Waseem Ali Vistro Qudratullah Kalwer Imtiaz Ali Tarique Ahmed Khokhar Mazhar Hussain Mangi


Despite some studies being conducted over past few decades, puberty associated histological changes in testes and epididymis of caprine is still largely unknown. The present study was conducted to evaluate the microanatomy of the testicles and epididymis through light microscope. Histometric parameters of testes and epididymis were measured through software Image J.  Majority of seminiferous tubules (ST) become rounded in shape, increased parenchymal cells and space between them was increased in pubertal stage. In ST, peritubular cells, Sertoli cells and developing undifferentiated germinal cells were present at pubertal stage. In pre-pubertal stage the epididymal duct was lined by non-ciliated epithelium and become ciliated in pubertal stage. Luminal diameter of the tubules increased from pre-pubertal to pubertal stage in the tail region. The abundant loose connective tissue was observed in pre-pubertal as compared with pubertal stage. The values of histometerical parameters; diameter of seminiferous tubules, thickness of tunica albugenia, diameter of caput of epididymis tubule, corpus of epididymis tubule and cauda of epididymal tubules were significantly higher in pubertal stage than pre-pubertal stage of Teddy goat.  Based on above findings it is concluded that puberty and age significantly affects micro anatomical aspects of reproductive organs of Teddy goats.

Keywords: Epididymis; Microanatomy; Testes; Teddy goat


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