36. Response of organic manures to the growth of onion cultivars in Peshawar valley

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Murad Ali, Gohar Ayub Nangial Khan Mohammad Wasiullah Khan, Ahmad Naeem Kabir Khan Shahid Rehman Muhammad Afzaal Maazur Rehman, Rafi Ullah


An experiment was carried out to investigate the “Effect of organic manures on the growth of onion cultivars at Peshawar valley” at the Horticulture Research Farm, The University of Agriculture Peshawar, during 2014-2015. The experimental design was Randomized Complete Block Design with split plot arrangement and having three replications. The experiment was consisted of two factors i.e. the organic manures Farmyard manure (FYM), Poultry manure (PM), Spent mushroom compost (SMC), ½FYM + ½PM, ½FYM + ½SMC, ½PM + ½SMC and 1/3FYM + 1/3PM + 1/3SMC were subjected to main plot at the rate of 10 tons ha-1 and onion cultivars (Parachinar-Local, Swat-1 and Swat-Local) were maintained to the sub plot. The onion growth was significantly affected by both organic manures application and onion cultivars. The application of organic manure (poultry manure) significantly improved the survival percentage (85.9%), number of leaves plant-1 (16.1), leaf length (47.6cm),neck height (7.6cm), plant height (79.3cm) and leaf width (1.3cm). The organic manures alone and organic manures combination showed different variation in growth of onion crop. In case of onion cultivars, Parachinar-Local cultivar increased significantly the survival percentage (81.8%), number of leaves per plant (12.0), leaf length (40.1cm), leaf width (1.06cm), neck height (6.0cm) and plant height (69.5cm). The interaction of organic manure (poultry manure) and onion cultivar (Parachinar-Local) also effected the growth of onion. In case of interaction the organic manure (poultry manure) @ 10 tons ha-1 with onion cultivar (Parachinar-Local) suited for the growth of onion crop. Fromresults it is concluded that the onion cultivar (Parachinar-Local) received organic manure (poultry manure) @ 10 tons ha-1showed best result in growth at agro-climatic condition of Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa-Pakistan.

Keywords: Cultivars; Farm yard manure; Growth; Onion; Poultry manure; Spent mushroom compost


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