44. Combining ability analysis of yield and yield components in second filial (F2) generation of mustard (Brassica juncea)

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Sumayya Inayat Muhammad Zakirullah Lubna Naz Amna Shafi Safia Akbar Muhammad Ali, Shitab Khan


This study was conducted at The University of Agriculture, Peshawar in 2006-07 to evaluate the performance of eight Mustard genotypes and their 56 combinations in F2 population. The Mustard genotypes (NUMYT-009, NUMYT-103, NUMYT-105, NUMYT-113, NUMYT-117, NUMYT-120, NUMYT-123, and NUMYT-124) were crossed in a complete diallel fashion. All the F2 recombinants along with parental lines were sown in RCB design. Data were collected for plant height, primary branches plant-1, pods main raceme-1, pod length, seeds pod-1, and seed yield plant-1. Mean values for all the genotypes showed highly significant (P≤0.01) differences for all the traits except primary branches plant-1. Combining ability studies revealed that all the traits showed significant general combining ability (GCA) effects. Most of the traits also gave significant specific combining ability SCA effects except seed yield plant-1 for which non-significant SCA effects were observed. Reciprocal effects for all the traits were significant. The genotype NUMYT-103 and NUMYT-123 proved to be the best general combiner among all the cultivars because they showed desirable positive GCA effects for two traits (pods main raceme-1and pod length) and desirable negative GCA effect for plant height. F2 specific cross combination, NUMYT-103 × NUMYT-117 showed highest desirable positive SCA effects for seed yield plant-1.The best reciprocal cross for pod length was NUMYT-117 × NUMYT-103. These genotypes may prove to be effective for improvement of the important traits in future breeding program.

Keywords: Brassica juncea; Combining abilities; Yield






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