47. Compositional and physical properties of camel milk under nomadic and sedentary production systems

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Arab Khan Lund, Tarique Ahmed Khokhar Aijaz Ali Junejo, Shahnawaz Kumbhar Qudratullah Kalwar, Yar Muhammad Jalbani , Zafar Ali Khoso1, Muhammad Mohsen Rahimoon, Abdul Samad Mangsi Asad Ali Khaskheli


Camel is considered as the best animal for arid and semiarid areas where its milk comprises a significant part of the human dietary habit. In the present study, unique composition of camel milk under nomadic and sedentary production system was investigated. Camel milk samples (n=40) were collected from the nomadic (n=20) and sedentary (n=20) production system and analyzed for physical and chemical properties. The observation shows that the solid not fat content (9.36%), lactose content (4.77%), specific gravity (1.030), viscosity (1.72 cP) and pH (6.60) were significantly (P<0.05) higher in the camel milk under sedentary production system in comparison to nomadic production system (i.e. solid not fat content 8.96%, lactose content 4.45%, specific gravity 1.028, viscosity 1.60 cP) and pH 6.53). On the other hand, the fat content (3.84%) and mineral content (0.93%) were significantly (P<0.05) greater in the camel milk reared under nomadic production system than that of the sedentary production system (fat content 3.68% and mineral content 0.85%). The total solids and protein content were increased in the milk of camel raised under the sedentary system, however, the variation was non-significant (P>0.05). It is concluded that the concentrated supplementation in sedentary production system has positive effects on the composition of camel milk. From a compositional point of views, the camel milk under sedentary production is superior over the camel milk under nomadic production system. It is recommended that farmers should provide the concentrate supplement to the camel under nomadic production system.

Keywords: Nomadic; Physicochemical; Production system; Sedentary


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