50. Teratogenic effects of cypermethrin and carbaryl on swiss albino mice (Mus musculus)

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Muhammad Saqib Sajid, Razia Iqbal, Mubashar Hussain, Muhammad Faheem Malik, Suleman Hussain Shah


Toxic effects of cypermethrin and carbaryl were determined by studying histopathological changes in the liver and kidney of developing fetus of Swiss albino mice during 2018. The mice were kept under controlled conditions of temperature (25 oC), relative humidity (40-50 %) and photoperiod 12 hrs : 12 hrs.  The pregnant female mice were exposed to two dose groups of 5 mg/g body weight (b.w.) and 7.5 mg/g of b.w. The doses were administrated orally daily at morning for eighteen days during gestation. Cesarean sections were performed on eighteenth day and fetuses were recovered for morphological and morphometric analysis which revealed normal development of external organs in all treatment groups except in the group where 7.5 mg/g of b.w. of cypermethrin was applied. High dose group of cypermethrin (7.5 mg/g of b.w.) showed significant variations in the reduction of body weight (311.47 mg), crown rump (CR) length (11.23 mm) and tail length (7.25 mm) with arrested growth as compared to other groups. Results showed sinusoid enlargement, congestion of central vein, dilation of tubular portion, necrosis, hemorrhages along with irregular hepatocytes in kidney and liver in all treatment groups.  Higher dose of cypermethrin caused slight teratological effects on fetus. Physical and morphological abnormality was not observed in all groups including control. The present study concludes that the cypermethrin produces teratological effects in addition to reduction in the growth of developing fetus mice, thus, may be explored further for hazardous effects.

Keywords:  Histopathology; Kidney; Liver; Pesticides; Teratogenic


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