54. Efficacy of ivermectin, fipronil and their combination against ectoparasites in the Felis catus (Cats)

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Malik Muhammad Shehzad, Khurram Ashfaq, Muhammad Saqib, Ghulam Jelani , Muhammad Inamullah Malik Mohammad Noman Shakeeb Ullah, Muhammad Kamal Shah, SM Raihan Dilshad, Muhammad Faheemullah Khan


Various skin diseases, allergic and hypersensitivity disorders are caused by ectoparasites. A variety of diseases causing agents are transmitted through ectoparasites. For the control and prevention of ectoparasitic infestations, different antiparasitic agents are used. The present study was designed to analyze the efficacy of ivermectin and fipronil in cats. For this purpose, 40 cats of different age and both sexes infested with ectoparasites were divided into four groups viz A, B, C and D. Cats of groups A, B and C were treated with ivermectin, fipronil, combination of ivermectin and fipronil, respectively, while group D served as control. At 7th and 15th day of post treatment, cats were examined for the presence of ectoparasites. Three milliliter of blood sample was collected before and post treatment at day 0, 7 and 15 aseptically from the jugular vein of each cat in EDTA coated vacutainers and were subjected to hematological analysis. The efficacy of insecticides was statistically analyzed and data obtained from the results. The efficacy percentage of Ivermectin was 60 and 90, fipronil, 80 and 100 while their combination showed 90 and 100 percent efficacy at the day 7th and 15th respectively. WBCs and RBCs were significantly higher at day 15th for group C. While PCV and Hb concentration were higher for group B at 15th day of study. In case of weight gain group A and C showed significant improvement over group B. It is concluded that in case of efficacy and hematology Fipronil and combination form is more effective.

Keywords: EDTA; Felis catus; Hematology; Insecticides


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