57. Formulation and physicochemical and sensorial evaluation of biscuits supplemented with guava powder

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Muhammad Awais Zafar, Tusneem Kausar, Shahid Mahmood


The present study was aimed at assessing the effect of supplementing wheat flour with guava powder on physic-chemical and sensory characteristic of biscuits. Guava fruit was prepared as dehydrated powder and used at different levels (0, 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10%) of wheat flour substitution for biscuit formulation. The effects of guava powder supplementation on physicochemical and sensory characteristics of biscuits were evaluated. Diameter of guava flour supplemented biscuits increased (from 4.72 cm to 4.86 cm) while spread ratio decreased (from 9.44 to 9.00), significantly. Protein (6.54% to 9.03%) and fiber (0.24% to 1.8%) also increased significantly by increasing the concentration of guava flour while moisture, fat and ash remain unchanged and NFE decreased. Sensory evaluation of biscuits showed that supplementation of guava flour improve color, texture, taste, aroma and over all acceptability. The supplementation seems to be suited for wheat flour substitution and it is possible to obtain biscuits of better quality within the standard for biscuits.

Keywords: Biscuits; Guava powder; Physicochemical; Sensory evaluation; Supplementation


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