61. Acute toxicity, cytotoxic, phytotoxic, muscle relaxant, analgesic, antispasmodic and antimicrobial potential of Cocculus pendulus

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Muhammad Nafees, Sami Ullah, Barkat Ullah, Muhammad Ibrar


The present experimental studies describes the acute toxic, cytotoxic, phytotoxic potential, analgesic, GIT motility and antimicrobial activity of Cocculus pendulus. The pharmacological profile has been evaluated by conducting acute toxic, cytotoxic, phytotoxic potential, analgesic, GIT motility and antimicrobial potentials. The plant is unsafe for consumption at higher doses, while safe at lower doses. The plant showed significant cytotoxic potential of Cocculus pendulus crude stem extract (CSE) with 7.82 LD50 value and Cocculus pendulus crude root extract (CRE) with 4.18 LD50 value. Phytotoxic potential was also significant (CSE) with 32.32 FI50 value and (CRE) with 24.68 FI50 value. Muscle relaxant effect was significant at 90mg/kg both in CSE and CRE in traction and inclined tests which were 70%, 85%, 75% and 80% respectively. Analgesic activity were carried out via acetic acid induced writhing method while antispasmodic activity was done through charcoal motility method. C. pendulus stem extract (CSE), C. pendulus root extract (CRE) and isolated fractions showed highly significant (**P<0.01) analgesic effect at higher doses. CSE and CRE and isolated fractions at all doses reduced the motility of GIT in albino mice. CSE, CRE and their isolated fractions showed remarkable reduction in the zone amplitude against Proteus sp and Xanthomonas sp. These effects of crude and isolated fractions justify its use in folkloric medicines for cytotoxic, herbicidal, pain relief and various gastro-intestinal disorders.

Keywords: Acute toxic; Analgesic; Antimicrobial; Antispasmodic; Cocculus pendulus; Cytotoxic; Muscle relaxant; Phytotoxic


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