63.Effect of wheat planting density and weed management on nutrient accumulation and uptake of wheat and weeds under agro-climatic condition of Quetta-Pakistan

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Mohammad Sharif Ahmed Jan, Ajmal Khan Abdul Sattar Mana Khan Bughti Javed Anjum



Weed infestation ranked first as main constraint in agriculture production system because both weeds and crop striving for space, light, water and nutrients. For this purpose, a field trial was designed in CRBD across factorial management during 2017-18. Four different seed rates (100, 125, 150 and 175 kg ha-1) tested against weed management practices (no weeding, herbicide application, hand hoeing and allelopathic weed control) and replicated thrice. The results revealed that seed rate of 125 kg ha-1 increased grain yield (4.24 t ha-1). The wheat physiological traits were also improved on this seed rate with CGR (16.80 g m-2 day-1) and NAR (4.78 16.80 g m-2 day-1). This medium seed rate also increased leaf N, P and K concentration by 34.72, 56.76 and 31.79% over 100 kg ha-1, 11.56, 20.83 and 6.48% over 150 kg ha-1. However, higher seed rate reduced its uptake by 48.84, 57.92 and 11.28% over 125 kg ha-1 and 29.84, 60.00 and 10.68% over 150 kg ha-1. The weed whole plants N, P and K concentration and uptake reduced on higher seed rates. While, herbicide application effectively controlled weeds by 90.56% followed by hand hoeing (84.55%). According to linear regression analysis, a positive and significant correlation was noted between grain yield and CGR (r = 0.90) and grain yield and NAR (r = 0.93).  Consequently, it can be established from this study that weeds controlled by herbicide application and crop sown with seed rate of 125 kg ha-1 minimized weed crop competition and increased crop yield.

Keywords: NPK concentration in wheat leaf and weeds; NPK uptake by wheat and weeds; planting densities; Wheat; Weeds


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