4. Nitrogen fertilization induced drought tolerance in sunflower: a review

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Shahzadi Mahpara Muhammad Shahnawaz Khadija Rehman Riaz Ahmad Fahim Ullah Khan


Drought is one of the most common abiotic stresses that badly effect plant growth, causes yield losses. Sunflower requires less water and thus has the capability to survive under drought stress condition. A drought stress condition affect various plant processes reducing plant growth, lessen the developmental stages of cell and tissues, and causes many changes in physiological, morphological and biochemical processes. Nitrogen is the major nutrient among all the nutrients because of its multifarious effects on crop development and production. Many primary processes in plant are governed by nitrogen like nutrient uptake, metabolism of protein, photosynthetic behavior, carbon division and various enzymatic as well as hormonal actions. Studies showed that reduced nutrient uptake and nutrient deficiencies inhibit the normal function of plant in dry soils. Many techniques have been used worldwide to compete with the nutrient scarcity in drought stress. To reduce the unfavorable influences of drought, nitrogen application through soil or by foliar in sunflower is recommended for obtaining higher yield.

Keywords: Drought; Nitrogen response; Plant growth; Physiological processes


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