5. Diabetes mellitus – a challenging metabolic disorder of the modern world

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Nabeela . Khaliq Ur Rahman Saadat Mehmood Muhammad .


The current review focused on Diabetes mellitus (DM), a Non-communicable disease (NCDs) which is the prominent cause of death. Diabetes mellitus has mainly two types, Type 1 diabetes mellitus is known as IDDM while Type 2 diabetes mellitus is known as NIDDM. About 5-10% of the diabetes patients have identified type 1 while 90-95% of the diabetes patients have identified type 2. Diabetes mellitus are the 4th death causing disease, having 1.5 million motility rates annually. Diabetes is the main public health challenge in developed and developing countries that comprised in non-transmissible diseases. It is associated with other maladies like Obesity, Heart Failure, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Behaviour changes, and Depression which may lead to death. Depression is one of the foremost imperative community fitness problems that are regularly comorbid with diabetes. It has been concluded that people suffering from diabetes have major effect on their existences, nutrition, physical and mental activity.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus; Metabolic disorder; Modern world


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