68. Comparative efficiency of ammonium sulfate alone and ammonium sulfate-octanoic acid combined methods in the purification potential of antibodies

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Ahsan Naveed, Sajjad Ur Rahman, Sabahat Abdullah Rabia Naveed


The use of antibodies in the biopharmaceuticals has been increased from therapeutic to prevention through vaccination. However, the purification processes adopted by the industries make them expensive to use. Ammonium sulfate precipitation is an old and easy way to purify the antibodies from the serum and egg yolks. The purity is somewhat compromised with ammonium sulfate precipitation, therefore, a combination of chromatographic techniques is adopted. Presently, ammonium sulfate alone and in a combination with Octanoic acid was used for the purification of antibodies from caprine serum and the egg yolk. The results of purified antibodies in terms of their yield and purity were compared through statistical analysis. The overall study results indicated a better yield and purity of antibodies from the caprine serum through a combined treatment of ammonium sulfate with Octanoic acid, whereas, ammonium sulfate alone gave a better yield but less pure antibodies from the egg yolk. Ammonium sulfate-Octanoic acid combined precipitation of caprine serum yielded 6.67 mg/mL while sole ammonium sulfate yielded 4.49 mg/mL purified antibodies. In case of IgY Ammonium sulfate-Octanoic acid combined precipitation of yielded only 8.90 mg/mL while sole ammonium sulfate yielded 13.80 mg/mL purified antibodies. A combination of ammonium sulfate and Octanoic acid is a good choice for high yield and purity of antibodies from serum. The purity of antibodies from the egg yolk was enhanced through ammonium sulfate in combination with Octanoic acid but the overall yield was poor.

Keywords: Antibodies; Ammonium sulfate; Octanoic acid; Precipitation


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