75. Consequences of sowing dates and umbel pinching on Daucas carota seed production

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Hajra Shah Umaira Shahid Kamran Shah Gohar Ayub, Imran Ahmad Gulshan Ara Uzma Litaf Bibi Zainub


This research was laid out to examine the effect of sowing dates and umbel pinching on seed production of Daucas carota. The experiment was conducted in randomized complete block design (RCBD) with split plot arrangement and replicated three times at Horticulture Nursery of Agriculture University, Peshawar, Pakistan in 2016. Sowing dates (25th October, 9th and 24th November) were assigned to main plot, while umbel pinching levels; secondary + tertiary + quaternary (STQ), primary + tertiary + quaternary (PTQ) and tertiary and quaternary (TQ) umbel pinching were allotted to sub plots. Maximum (p<0.05) days to flowering (111 days), plant height (137.5 cm), days to seed setting (15.6 days), umbel diameter (14.6 cm), days to maturity (151 days), variability in harvest time (34.8 days), seed yield umbel-1 (5.1 g), seed yield plant-1 (34.2 g) and seed yield tha-1 (3.7 t ha-1) were recorded on 25th October sowing date. Umbel pinching had significantly enhanced plant height (136.4cm), umbel diameter (17 cm), and seed yield umbel-1 (5.7 g) by pinching of STQ umbels. While, maximum seed yield plant-1 (46.9 g), seed yield t ha-1 (5 t ha-1) and variability in harvest time (34.1 days) were observed in TQ umbel pinching. Interaction between sowing dates and umbel pinching (S x U) were found significant in case of seed yield umbel-1, seed yield plant-1, seed yield t ha-1 and variability in harvest time. Based on the present findings it is concluded that sowing on 25th October with pinching of TQ umbels is recommended for maximum seed production in carrot.

Keywords: Carrot; Seed production; Sowing dates; Umbel pinching; Yield


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