84. Appraisal of growth, development, yield and quality of Solanum melongena to different growth condition

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Umaira Shahid Kamran Shah Imran Ahmed, Noor ul Amin Gulshan Ara Sana Irshad Khan Gul Guttai Bibi Zainub


Commercial organic production of brinjal is a challenge for growers, which links to understand the field trail of organic and inorganic regime on its growth, yield and development. Current experiment was conducted in Randomized Complete Block Design with split plot arrangements and three times replicated. Organic regime (Farm Yard Manure, Spent Mushroom Compost and Poultry Manure at 25:10:5 tons ha-1) and Inorganic regime (N:100, P:50, K:50 kg ha-1) were assigned to the main plots while brinjal cultivars (Namli-F1, Black Boy-F1, BSS-513 and Meiyinqienquan) were subjected to the subplots. Data on various quantitative and qualitative variables of eggplant cultivars were taken under both the regimes. Results revealed that both cultivars and growing regimes significantly (p≤0.05) affected the performance of eggplant. Among eggplant cultivars, more number of leaves, fruits, fruit weight plant-1and total yield were observed in cultivar Namli-F1 followed by Black boy-F1 which also gave maximum total soluble solids. Highest plant height and fruit dry matter contents were noted in cultivar BSS-513. However, the performance of cultivar Meiyinqienquan was inferior among all the cultivars except for the number of days to 50% flowering. Regarding growing regimes, it was noticed that under the organic regime maximum plant height, number of fruits, fruit weight plant-1, total yield and total soluble solids were produced. Whereas, maximum number of leaves plant-1and chlorophyll content were produce under the inorganic regime. Present investigations concluded that cultivar Namli-F1 should be grown for the promising yield while Black boy-F1 and BSS-513 for their better quality under the organic regime.

Keywords: Brinjal; Growth; Inorganic; Organic; Yield


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