10. A review on the role of bacteria based biofilm inhibitors

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Iram Liaqat, Mariyam Farooq


Biofilm is a network of static microbial community which is present either firmly embedded or adhered to a substrate. Microbes are resilient to adverse environments and anti-microbial procedures due to the biofilm matrix that surrounds them. Biofilm matrix contains proteins, DNA and polysaccharides. Biofilm causes a wide range of diseases and it is now extremely challenging to effectively treat them as a result of the rise in bacterial multidrug resistance. The antibiotics cause in-vitro-toxicity due to greater quantity of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum bactericidal concentration and unable to effectively treat infections. As a result of in-vitro toxicity of antibiotics and ineffectiveness of numerous treatments, the researchers discovered a number of naturally derived agents against biofilm. This review discusses the biofilm, method of biofilm formation with main focus on the anti-biofilm molecules and their mechanism of action. The antibiofilm compound includes biosurfactants, anti-microbial peptides, peptide antibiotics and lantibiotics etc. Various methods of action of these compounds are such as disintegration of lipopolysaccharides, exopolysaccharide and suppression through the intervention during adhesion and quorum sensing pathways etc. This study helps to understand how a certain natural antibiofilm compound acts differently and inhibits the growth of biofilm against various pathogens. This knowledge can be used in association with other naturally derived anti-biofilm substances from various sources to enhance the treatment strategy. The current study summarized previous literature that may lead to the development of effective biofilm inhibitors than conventional treatments. Moreover, it describes how we can overcome the problems related to the biofilm with detailed mechanisms of action.  

Keyword: Antibiofilm compounds; Anti-microbial peptides; Biofilm associated infections; Biofilm formation


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