39. The influence of timing and position of scion on graft take success of lemon

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Muhammad Riaz Khan, Farman Ghani Nadia Bostan Ghulam Nabi Haji Muhammad Abid Ali, Jalal Amin Shah Khalid


The Propagation of lemon (Citrus lemon L.) trees is possible by seed, cuttings, layering, budding and grafting. Grafting require compatible rootstock and scion wood. Keeping in view the importance of vegetative propagation in lemon the present research was designed to find out the most suitable time and grafting side for the successful T-grafting of lemon. This study was conducted at Jabban Agriculture Extension Department Dargai Malakand during the year 2015. The experiment was carried out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with two factors, replicated three times. There were five treatments in each replication. The lemon were grafted on sour orang rootstock with three different time interval (21nd June, 29th June, and 06th July) and three grafting sides north, east and west. The results of study showed that all parameters were significantly affected by time interval and scion position. The mean values for graft direction shows early sprouting (28.1 days) was at east side, maximum graft length (9.8cm), number of branches graft-1 (2.3) and number of leaves (12.6) at west side, maximum leaf area (16.9 cm2) at east side, while the mean values for the different grafting timing of the experiments shows early sprouting (29.1 days) at 29th Jun, maximum graft length (9.9cm), maximum number of leaves (11.9) and maximum number of branches graft-1 (2.0) at 6th July, maximum leaf area (16.4 cm2) at 29th Jun. On the basis of statistical analysis and result first week of July and east direction significantly affected most of the observed parameters, so therefore it is recommended that the 1st  week of the month of July and east side is best for grafting in Lemon under the agro ecological conditions of Malakand valley Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Keywords: Graft success; Grafting time; Grafting side; Lemons (Citrus lemon L.)


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